Spotting between periods - should I be worried? (Possible TMI)

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OkWhatIsThis Tue 22-Sep-20 10:29:02

Usually a couple of weeks after my period. Previously pale pink, now it’s browner like at the end of a period.

Background - no children, no coil/pill etc. Early 30s.

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OkWhatIsThis Tue 22-Sep-20 13:58:56


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sunnysideup05 Tue 22-Sep-20 14:42:13

I started getting this recently two - last few cycles. I'm nearly 39 and I have two kids but am not on any contraception.

Sounds exactly the same - it starts roughly on day 11-12 of my cycle and can last a couple of days. Possibly TMI but it's not every time I wipe, and it doesn't 'leak out', i.e I only see it when I wipe.
It's either very light pink or browny in colour and there's not much of it when it does appear and it's kind of mixed in with my discharge iyswim. Because it's like clockwork I'm assuming it's something to do with ovulation. I did go to the GP back in May, and she did my bloods and tested me for an infection - everything came back clear. I also had a clear smear test recently. I've been meaning to go back to the GP though as the doctor I saw was a trainee and I didn't have a huge amount of confidence, and it's still happening, although I don't feel too worried about it - I think this kind of thing is very common.

anotherpersontoday Tue 22-Sep-20 14:49:45

This happened to me and progessed to full period like bleed between periods. Turned out to be due to a small fibroid.

See your GP and they should send you for an ultrasound. If it is fibroids then you can try managing them with supplements, diet and exercise if they aren't too big. Taking vitamin d help stop my mis cycle bleeding.

OkWhatIsThis Tue 22-Sep-20 15:46:42

I know what you mean sunnysideup05 about the wiping.

Thanks both, that’s really helpful.

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Fluffythefish Tue 22-Sep-20 16:42:17

It could also be a polyp. I had one discovered during a smear and another because of mid cycle bleeding. The latter was an uterine one and I had what I think was a hysteroscopy to remove it. Neither were anything nasty

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 22-Sep-20 16:57:20

Mine was a polyp too. Very mundane to them but they’ve got to be investigated.

Our practice nurse is very hot on all mid cycle bleeding being reported especially after menopause.


OkWhatIsThis Tue 22-Sep-20 18:09:13

Thanks very much, that’s reassuring.

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quiteathome Sat 26-Sep-20 17:31:10

This has been happening to me recently. Now had some after sex.

I contacted the doctor recently- via the online system. They have told me to wait for a few weeks before I can even book an appointment. Although I can get a blood test if I want.

OkWhatIsThis Sat 26-Sep-20 18:49:21

Did they say what they can diagnose from a blood test?

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quiteathome Sun 27-Sep-20 15:09:34

I have also bee tired recently- want to check Iron levels

sunnysideup05 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:34:47

For me, the blood test was to check if I had any clotting issues and also to check my thyroid.

OkWhatIsThis Mon 28-Sep-20 20:24:33

👍🏻 Thank you.

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TheRIDs Mon 28-Sep-20 20:27:31

I’ve had this for over a year now, most cycles. I’m 43. I had a smear test earlier this year and have had two ultrasounds to check for fibroids or cysts - everything clear. So still haven’t got to the bottom of it !

OkWhatIsThis Tue 29-Sep-20 17:54:25

Goodness! Hopefully that means it’s not something serious? I hope they manage to work it out TheRIDs.

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quiteathome Tue 29-Sep-20 19:15:31

I hae half decided that this is nothing, and I can't be bothered to book an appointment. I have to wait for four weeks before I can even do that.

icyautumn Tue 29-Sep-20 21:15:32

Hi all, stumbled on this post whilst googling this exact question! I’m 32, no kids, no health issues but have had the exact same spotting mentioned by @OkWhatIsThis and @sunnysideup05. I called the GP a few weeks back who took it really seriously and she examined me today. I’ve got blood tests and a pelvic scan at the end of this month, hope that we all get to the bottom of why we’re getting this!

OkWhatIsThis Tue 29-Sep-20 21:26:43

That’s great to hear that she’s taking it seriously icy. My GP isn’t always great so I’m building up my nerve to make sure I don’t get fobbed off.

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icyautumn Tue 29-Sep-20 21:39:26

Thanks @OkWhatIsThis - hope you don’t feel fobbed off, it’s the worst feeling.
It’s just strange as I’ve never had these issues but they started earlier this year. Also my periods are getting way more painful which sucks! I do have a more sticky-out tummy atm but I think that might be my lockdown gut rather than any other symptom!

Whynotdance Tue 29-Sep-20 21:43:04

I've also had this - bloods, three ultrasounds and most recently, a biopsy. Nothing abnormal. Annoying though, thinking of going on mirena.

OkWhatIsThis Wed 30-Sep-20 08:10:17

Wow whynotdance that’s a lot. Do they say Mirena will help?

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