Would this be classed as irregular periods?

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jellybeanbonbon Thu 17-Sep-20 12:36:31

So my cycle lengths over the past 6 months are:

29 days
33 days
37 days
35 days
33 days
39 days

Would this be classed as irregular or within the normal range?

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Someonesayroadtrip Thu 17-Sep-20 13:01:21

Yes, it's not massively irregular but it's still more than a week out from the least to the longest.

I can bleeds for months on end though, so you are always going to have people on the other end of the spectrum.

In your probably nothing to worry about tonight if there are not other symptoms

goose1964 Sat 19-Sep-20 20:40:26

Mine were always erratic. If you're worried about getting pregnant it may not be an issue. I have three kids within a five year gap.

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