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Can not believe I am posting this here but slightly worried... and slightly gross.

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bluedonuts Thu 17-Sep-20 01:21:40

I have a bowel disease and have had major surgery because of it. I am under a consultant but I have not seen him in ages because of the pandemic. Struggle to get an appointment with my symptoms.

For the past few months when I’ve been going to the toilet (which I do around 10 times a day, chronic diarrhoea), something is.. coming out. It constantly feels like I still have to go because this thing is coming out. I kind of looked at it in a mirror and it was pink and very squidgy. After pushing it goes back in by itself... albeit slowly.

I don’t have internal hemmorhoids. Last month I had severe rectal bleeding though. If I go to the GP they tell me they can’t really help because I need my bowel specialist but it is literally impossible to reach him.

So this is kind of a last resort because I don’t know where else to anonymously ask this.

Has anyone else experienced this/know what it could be? I’m so sorry it’s so gross. It’s just painful and I’ve been on the toilet for an hour and a half and I can’t carry on like this!

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Susannahmoody Thu 17-Sep-20 01:24:28

I've no idea but it sounds like you need to see a specialist. And maybe move this to General Health?


bluedonuts Thu 17-Sep-20 01:25:00

@Susannahmoody oh I didn’t realise there was a health thread! Sorry. I couldn’t see one. How do I get it moved? X

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FlorenceNightshade Thu 17-Sep-20 01:26:15

Sounds like a prolapse. You need to call your gp in the morning and insist on an appointment. If the pain is so strong you can’t focus on anything else you need to call nhs 24 now.

Ilovenutellaaaaa Thu 17-Sep-20 01:26:26

Could it be some kind of bowel prolapse?.... you really need to see somebody and get it checked out,

BitOfFun Thu 17-Sep-20 01:26:52

Just report your own thread (at the top) and explain to MNHQ. Good luck x

Susannahmoody Thu 17-Sep-20 01:27:47

Report your message (3 little dots at the bottom of your op) to MNHQ and just say can I move to GH)

You're not really reporting it, just asking for it to be moved -

Tinypaws2 Thu 17-Sep-20 01:29:18

Have you got a ibd nurse you could talk to?

It may be a fistula. I suffer with ibd and my gp never knows what do so always sends me to my consultant.

Namenic Thu 17-Sep-20 01:30:28

You could ring your consulatant’s secretary and ask if there is a nurse specialist attached to the dept?

bluedonuts Thu 17-Sep-20 01:30:54

Will report it, thank you all.

And r.e prolapse - I’m unsure because it only happens when I actually go to the toilet, and I though a prolapse was it constantly being there?

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bluedonuts Thu 17-Sep-20 01:31:31

@Tinypaws2 I don’t, I’m under the colorectal team so I only see my surgeons and they are always busy or only working 2 days a week sad

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fauxgina Thu 17-Sep-20 01:39:50

A rectal prolapse is different to a rectocele (which is the more typical prolapse after childbirth)

I had one, my son had the other when he was a newborn. You are straining a significant amount. Im not sure how urgent it is to be seen, if that is what you have but it must be distressing you so chasing up your consultant is a good idea

user1468538201 Thu 17-Sep-20 02:47:09

Sounds like a prolapse, used to happen my aunt a lot and like you only when she would use the loo, she got to the stage that she'd push it back in herself until she had surgery. Go to your doctor asap,insist on getting help

Inkpaperstars Thu 17-Sep-20 03:31:33

You need to be a broken record with the doctor, if they say they can't help just keep saying 'what is your plan to get me seen by someone who can help', be adamant with them that leaving this untreated is not an option.

Aridane Thu 17-Sep-20 04:20:28

OP -:it’s fine to,post in AIBU . You’ll get more traffic than General Health.

Sounds worrying but as other posters have said, likely to be a prolapse

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Sep-20 08:13:21

We're moving this thread over to our General Health topic at the OP's request.

Sorry you're going through such a rough time, OP. flowers

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