Re-usable contact lenses-do you use them?

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Arnoldthecat Wed 16-Sep-20 18:12:15

If you use re-usable contact lenses im just wondering whether you stick rigidly to cleaning regimes? do you clean your storage case daily? do you use clean fluid daily etc etc..

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SnowsInWater Wed 16-Sep-20 23:31:10

I would put fresh solution in the container every night, emptied it out in the morning. I carried another container and small bottle of solution in my bag in case I had to take them out during the day for any reason, I didn't specifically clean the container as I bought the packs of solution that came with a container so they were changed regularly. I do use dailies now though, less hassle.

AlwaysLatte Thu 17-Sep-20 00:25:34

I used to use them. Now on dailies and I haven't looked back in 15 years. You just know they're clean and undamaged, and the best thing is they're thinner, so much more comfortable.

TheHighestSardine Thu 17-Sep-20 00:44:31

Always full cleaning every day. Don't fuck around with your eyes.

Pet8 Thu 17-Sep-20 00:49:21

Please don't be lax with the cleaning routine. I wore contact lens for over 20 years. Stopped about 8 years ago because I was getting constant conjunctivitis and other infections from being careless and neglectful.

SheepandCow Thu 17-Sep-20 00:56:57

I wear rigid gas permeables. Clarity of vision is brilliant. Clean them daily, rinse out the case, and soak them overnight in solution. You don't want to risk an infection. Someone I used to work with ended up with a very serious infection. You get used to it very quickly. Just a few minutes everyday. No different than doing your teeth.

Arnoldthecat Thu 17-Sep-20 21:26:55

Thanks all. Last year i moved from dailies to fortnightly J&J Acuvue Transitions. I have done a LOT of reading with regard to contact lenses , multipurpose fluids, cleaning and in particular AK . From my research i have learned that most multipurpose fluids eg Bausch & Lomb Biotrue and similar ,are ineffective at neutralising acanthamoeba dormant cysts but all can neutralise acanthamoeba trophozoites with an overnight soak.

One methodology known to neutralise acanthamoeba cysts is high temperature exposure applied via microwave.

My methodology is to have three cases which i use in rotation.

Every time my lenses come out i wash and dry hands thoroughly first . I fill a clean case with fresh fluid, extract the lens, place it in palm with some fluid and gently rub then place in case. Repeat with other eye.

Next day before insertion, wash hands and dry thoroughly. Wet fingers with solution. Pick up lens, rinse with solution and insert.

When ive used up all my three lens cases i clean them. I live in a soft water area. I put the three cases and caps in a shallow microwaveable dish. I boil some fresh mains water in a kettle and poor it into the dish so that it covers the cases. I then microwave the bowl and contents in cycles of 2 minutes allowing two minutes in between. I repeat for three cycles so 6 mins worth of microwaving. This generates high temperature water/steam.

I then drain and place the cases and caps onto fresh kitchen roll and leave to air dry for a few hours before use.

If you live in a hard water area you could use filtered or bottled water.,Drug%20Administration%20test%20challenge%20microorganisms.

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SpearmintPeppermint Sat 19-Sep-20 11:53:59

Your routine sounds a bit odd.

Fresh solution every day, fresh CASE once a month, you’ll be fine.

SpearmintPeppermint Sat 19-Sep-20 11:54:26

(I’ve been wearing lenses for 25 years and never had even one infection)

EasilyDeleted Sat 19-Sep-20 11:56:53

I just rinse the case and let it dry with the lids off during the day, as well as cleaning the lenses and putting them in fresh solution every night. New case once a month or so every time I get a new bottle of solution. Never worn dailies and no inclination to change.

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