Hearing loss in one ear - experience and causes?

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Fairylightsdreamer Tue 15-Sep-20 12:12:57

Hi, I’m suffering from hearing loss in just one ear. I first noticed it in February after a free basic hearing test alongside an eye test but my ear felt a bit funny and like I may be getting an ear infection so I didn’t follow it up at that point. Then coronavirus hit. More recently I’ve started to struggle to understand my little boy as his speech isn’t very clear and I can’t hear some loud tones at all in that ear. I’d been hoping it was wax but I’ve seen the doctor today and my ear looks fine. She’s referred me to the hearing clinic but there are huge delays so it could be ages before I’m seen. I’m now panicking about why I’m loosing my hearing on just one side and thinking about worst case scenarios and worrying that I won’t be seen for months. Do I look to be seen privately, though I’m unsure if we can stretch to that or do I just assume it’s something straightforward and a delay in being seen won’t matter?

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