Fluctuating weight

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Spodge Tue 08-Sep-20 19:21:55

I'm not sure hormone tests would help, to be honest. Could you be anywhere near menopause?

My first thought would be to ensure you are properly hydrated, try to watch your salt intake, try to get to that consistent routine you mentioned and then see what happens.

A 5kg fluctuation is on the large side. I can put on a couple of kilos overnight in water retention, but I am tall and weigh 77kg (healthy BMI for me) so the fluctuation is a) not as drastic as yours and b) much less in proportion to what I already weight. I am utterly sure in your case it is not "weight" as in body fat or muscle. Your body can only react that fast by adjusting water.

Healththrowaway199 Tue 08-Sep-20 19:03:55

@Spodge thank you, sounds about right as my water intake hasn’t been great and I have been fairly stressed! Do you think I should contact my GP for hormone tests?

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Spodge Tue 08-Sep-20 18:40:23

Sounds like you are having drastic fluctuations of water retention. That can happen through stress, dehydration, hormones (the most frequent culprit), eating more salt than usual.

Healththrowaway199 Tue 08-Sep-20 16:35:03

I am short and weigh around 50kg (healthy BMI for my height). Since lockdown/March my weigh fluctuated on a weekly basis, from 50kg-56kg. This is due to infrequent exercise combined with increased food intake. I haven’t been dieting to lose the weight, it just naturally falls off due to my high metabolism.

Eg On Monday I could weigh 50kg, on Wednesday it could raise to 55kg then essentially yo-yo between throughout the week.

I am trying to get back to a consistent routine but I’m wondering what the health implications of this may be?

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