Lump/spot in my DS’s mouth

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fitflop Sun 30-Aug-20 15:35:20

I’m a longtime lurker.
My DS who is 17 has had a lump/spot in his mouth for the last 5 or so weeks. The Dr’s have said from photos it looks like a canker ulcer and if not give in another 10 days they may have to see him.
Im not convinced it is an ulcer.
I’ve been getting him to use Oraldene.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be. I’m starting to get a bit worried now ....

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GlennRheeismyfavourite Sun 30-Aug-20 15:37:52

I've had something like that on 2 different occasions- once when I hit my mouth falling down the stairs, the other time was a long time sore caused my my brace rubbing. You'd obviously know if it was either of those sort of things. I found mouth lumps take literally years sometimes to heal up. I used to have to drain my brace lump with a pin periodically (🤮)

fitflop Sun 30-Aug-20 15:40:36

We have ended up draining it with a pin a couple of times as it was getting pretty large! Loads of pus came out🤮

I’m just worried as it’s been over 5 weeks. Hadn’t helped as I’m sure he has been biting it.....

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RHRA Sun 30-Aug-20 15:47:20

Could be a mucocele or some sort of fibrous polyp; either way it’s one for her dentist not GP.

RHRA Sun 30-Aug-20 15:47:53

Sorry his

Cheeseismymiddlename Sun 30-Aug-20 18:33:03

I came on to say mucocele but pus wouldn’t leak from a mucocele . saliva could be squeezed possibly as it’s the result of a blocked / crushed saliva duct.
I would expect an ulcer / canker to look erosive not swollen. It’s regular border and shape suggests something harmless . Agreed with other poster that a dentist might be a better option than a GP. Dentist can the refer to max / facial if concerned.
I’m not a dentist but I do work in the field.

Powerfulpam Mon 31-Aug-20 18:11:35

Looks v much like a mucocele. I’d call your dentist for a non urgent appointment/telephone triage.


DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Mon 31-Aug-20 18:26:35

Looks like a mucocele.

Could be infected maybe? Or obviously mucus drains from a mucocele and can look like pus. Or maybe a small cyst? Although an unusual position for a cyst.

Its not an ulcer. And it really doesnt look like anything concerning. I wouldnt worry but get him into the dentist

EnamelWoman Mon 31-Aug-20 18:28:22

Looks like a mucocele to me too - your dentist is the best person to assess / arrange treatment for it

GlennRheeismyfavourite Wed 02-Sep-20 07:08:21

Agree it's a dentist thing not a doctor thing

GlennRheeismyfavourite Wed 02-Sep-20 07:09:26

Are you sure it was pus - it was always like thick saliva that used to drain from mine but it would fill up again after awhile

Literallyfedup Wed 02-Sep-20 07:49:32

Contact the dentist and see what they say. Use corsodyl 1% dental gel on it for 2-3 times a day. Usually stubborn ones go away with corsodyl.

fitflop Wed 02-Sep-20 22:04:09

Thank you all very much for your advice.

I think in hindsight it was saliva and not pus that came out.
I sent an email to our dentist with some photos. She has agreed it is a mucocoele but is suggesting that it is just left alone.
So I will purchase some of the gel mentioned above. Unfortunately our 6 monthly check up for July was cancelled due to COVID. I will see what happens over the next few weeks with the gel and maybe contact my dentist again and push for him to be seen to discuss again whether anything needs to be done.
Thanks again!

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RHRA Wed 02-Sep-20 22:37:43

Mucoceles can just disappear by themselves. So your dentist's suggestion to watch & wait is prudent. Don't be tempted to put a pin in it again, just let it burst naturally. Not sure what the Chlorhexidine gel will do for a mucocele other than keep the area clean.

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