Crippling Health Anxiety

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whattodo2019 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:19:29

Health anxiety is crippling me at the moment...
I am terrified I have bowel cancer. Every ache, pain, bowel movement, feeling I find myself googling or worrying about.

I am too scared to go to the GP for fear I do have something serious....

Back story.
I have suffered with piles for 15 yrs since the birth of my DD. They are huge, bleed and even external. I have seen the drs about them. I have had the dr give me a number of internal examinations and all was fine.
During lockdown, my piles bleed (again) and this has started my worrying.
I have had
1.a bit of lower back ache, nodoubt caused by me being over weight, lack of exercise etc....
2. Tummy ache at time which comes and goes
3. Poop which can sometimes appear slightly flattened

I know that no one can reassure me on MN that I don't have bowel cancer ....

Is it anxiety or bowel cancer?????

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Elieza Fri 28-Aug-20 20:01:58

Advice is always to see the GP if you are worried.

If your piles are bleeding and you say you are overweight I’d suggest that perhaps you are eating too many naughty foods?

Increase your fruit veg and roughage to make your digestive system work better. You may have IBS or something kicking in because you are eating the wrong foods.

This info may not be relevant: You shouldn’t have to strain. Poo should just fall out of you with the minimum of effort. There shouldn’t be mucus in it either. If there is that’s an IBS symptom.

If it’s a bit sticky and needs lots of wiping afterwords then you’re not drinking enough either.

Sorry for being gross!

Get out and walk if you can. Just 30 mins a day would make a big difference as your blood would be flowing round your body better so your digestion would work better etc.It will help you with your weight loss too if you plan to do that also.

Don’t freak out with my references to IBS either, it’s just your body’s way of telling you it wants you to eat other things. If that’s relevant to you.

Try a healthier diet, water and exercise for two weeks and see if things improve.

whattodo2019 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:05:29

Elieza thank you so much. I started the Fast 800 diet on Monday. I need to lose about 4 stone. I'm feeling positive about the weight loss. But you are right I have been eating too many of the wrong things...
thank you again x

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KipperSlippers Fri 28-Aug-20 21:25:07

Ah OP - you know this is health anxiety! However it's rooted in a reality so I understand how it feels when you're in the grip of a flare up. It's such a bloody annoyance.

Can you receive proper treatment for the piles? It's time to try and get those fully under control and then this may help in removing a layer of the HA

Dorisdaydream2 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:45:16

I suffer from HA, it is crippling at times. I think you need to make a plan and see your dr about both your piles and your HA. I feel for you HA is awful, please see your gp.

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