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anybody heard of or have experince of Anxiety Disorders

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numbmum Fri 05-Oct-07 13:46:43

as this is what shirnk thinks i have and would like to hear from others if possile

loopylou6 Fri 05-Oct-07 13:54:11

what do u wanna know, im practically an expert hmm. would be happy to answer any quesions u have

Marne Fri 05-Oct-07 13:56:17

Dd1 (3.7) suffers fron Anxiety as does Dh (this is where dd1 gets it)

numbmum Fri 05-Oct-07 13:56:29


and i think id liek to know everything really like when it started, why you think it started, how it affects you, what you've done to stop it, how succesful it has been

loopylou6 Fri 05-Oct-07 13:58:27

well what is your problem, theres no point me sitting here gassing about mine, u are the one that has asked for help smile

loopylou6 Fri 05-Oct-07 13:59:18

should add that if u know the stem of when your anxiety started, u will have a better chance of dealing with it

numbmum Fri 05-Oct-07 14:01:35

manifests in bad health, heartburn, digestive, breathing problems, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks - but not all the time, most of the time i'm fine - i don't have any faith in my ability to be well and let a niggle be a niggle rather than something esle going wrong. pscychiatrist suggested a mix of analysis and cbt

Wisteria Fri 05-Oct-07 14:04:29

just written a piece for college on it - I can email it to you if you like. Goes through, symptoms, causes and treatment options.

loopylou6 Fri 05-Oct-07 14:05:52

right, so it sounds like u have health anxiety, SNAP! smile (nasty thing it is) i have had ALOT of sessions with cognitive behavioural therapy and it does help, but it takes a while to kick in, it is so hard trying not to worry isnt it, i completely sympathise with u. I would suggest when u know u are about to start worrying about something, for instance if u feel breathless and are about to start catastrophising about heart attacks lung cancer etc etc u DISTRACT yourself (easier said than done i know, but it IS possible) take some deep breaths and tell urself not to even go there

pigletmaker Fri 05-Oct-07 18:22:25

Personally I had anxiety attacks about 15 years ago. I found that doing jumping jacks / running on the spot (night or day) helped spend the negative adrenaline in a postive way and calmed me and my system down. I completely cut out caffiene and alcohol from my diet, and anything with a lot of sugar - so no anxiety inducing stimulants. I also chose to look "outwards" at what I could do to help others at the time, instead of dwelling on the "inwards" anxieties. It helped a great deal. I've not had one since. Best of luck managing this. I think sometimes cognitive therapy is supposed to be an excellent route.

Beelzebug Fri 05-Oct-07 18:45:43

I get really panicky and anxious when I take my 2 DS's out, especially if I need to go on the bus with them
I'm told I have anxiety related IBS, I also get hot and start to panic when walking to the bus stop. That in turn makes the IBS worse so I feel I have an urgent need to go to the loo which makes me more anxious so I panic more.
I dread going out

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