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How long before a stomach bug shows itself?

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minko Fri 05-Oct-07 13:37:50

DS was with his childminder Wednesday morning. She phoned on Thursday to say she had a stomach bug. No sign of anything here yet, but am worried as we are due to visit family at the other end of the country, leaving tonight... should we go???

putitdown Fri 05-Oct-07 13:44:03

I never feel save till 96 hours ( 4 days) after contact but I have a phobia of vomiting

minko Fri 05-Oct-07 13:44:46

Yeah, me too. Am having a quiet panic attack about it all!

putitdown Fri 05-Oct-07 13:45:31

Oh sorry, I know a lot of bugs that go round seem to have a 24 hour incubation period

Marne Fri 05-Oct-07 13:49:00

I have a phobia too.
Dd1 had it last year and within 4-5 days we all had it. They may not get it, maybe it was just something she had eaten. I would say after 4 days you/kids should be safe but drink plenty of water just incase.

TripletEm Fri 05-Oct-07 13:54:07

Really sorry that you guys are suffering from the awful phobia of sickness. I just wanted to say that for many,many years I felt exactly the same,but am now thankfully over it and can deal with my children when they are poorly. I didn't realise so many people suffered from it until coming onto MN.

putitdown Fri 05-Oct-07 13:56:07

how did you get over it

TripletEm Fri 05-Oct-07 14:04:12

It was an awful way really,but I had triplets and when one would get poorly,they all would get poorly and constantly because they were prem. I was so exposed to it that it became less harder each time. Don't get me wrong,I really did struggle. At first I couldn't sleep upstairs if they had been ill,or if one of them coughed I would think that they were going to be ill,and at first even being in the same room as them when they were ill was too much to bare. But it did get easier and for me,looking back into my childhood i could see where my phobia came from which made me more determined not to let it affect me anymore. Sometimes it's about not letting feelings out,not actually illness. I know that there are some great tablets around which gave me the confidence to beat this horrible phobia,which I totally understand are difficult to take because of the side effects, but I am so glad that I took that first step.

minko Fri 05-Oct-07 14:07:00

What 'great tablets' do you mean??

TripletEm Fri 05-Oct-07 14:18:20

Well it's not for everyone but you can go down the herbal route,which I found calmed me down,such as Rescue remedies. Or my last resort as i was so stressed by the whole thing was going to my G.P.and firstly getting some anti-sickness tablets to deal with the symptoms and then after thinking very long and hard I choose to go on a course of anti-depresents that can manage panic attacks. It took me three months to open the packet as I was so scared of the side effects,but then one day I just thought 'you know what? It can't get any worse' and I took them. For me they quitened down that part of the mind that feels you with dread when someone is ill or you feel ill yourself and it's amazing how much better I've got. I don't want to freak you all out but I can be with my kids when they are being,you know what,and clean them up afterwards. I don't like it,but I can deal with it now. I just think you have to hit that moment in your life when you feel brave enough to give it a go,it took me a long,long time. But it was so lovely to hear my kids say'mummy's not scared anymore,she didn't run away'

pigsinmud Fri 05-Oct-07 16:24:24

Earlier in nhe year my dd1 had stomach bug on a Thursday - 24 hour thing. I wasn't ill until the following Tuesday. I thought I was safe by then!

NannyL Fri 05-Oct-07 17:33:10

my 4 year old charge threw up all over me on tuesday afternoon

whilst i felt ill yesturday only got properly sick and 1.30am this morning (and OMG its the worst bugi have ever had)

Every person living in the house has had the illness, as has every person who has eben presnt while people within the house were vomitting

putitdown Fri 05-Oct-07 18:34:48

Oh poor you nannyl

fakeblonde Fri 05-Oct-07 19:37:54

Incubation can be up to 7 days.

Aimeeb123 Tue 25-Oct-16 18:03:18

I've just been searching for answers on how long it would take if I were too pick up a stomach bug an come across this but it's 9years old wow haha hope everyone is okay wth there sickness now

Jaivally Wed 21-Dec-16 22:00:08

Me too Aimeeb123

Had terrible stomach cramps for days and just waiting on it it's been 4 days since my daughter got sick sad x

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