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Help - just noticed DS2's head is really flat at the back

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ellehcim Thu 04-Oct-07 21:55:38

Never really examined him from that angle before but I've just noticed that DS2's head is almost completely flat at the back. He's three months. I've seen kids at DS1's nursery wearing helmets. Is that to correct this? Will I need to take him to the doctors? Know absolutely nothing about this and concerned because our doctors surgery is really crap.

skibump Fri 05-Oct-07 00:02:03

Not an expert at all, but ds's head definitely got much rounder once he started sitting up/spending time in a bouncer and wasn't lying on so much

tiggyhop Fri 05-Oct-07 00:15:37

Again, I am not an expert, but I think you should encourage him to lie on his tummy during awake play time: this flat head is becoming much more common now all babies lie on their backs (and spend time in car seats etc). My daughter's head was slightly flat and that is what the doc said: I would just ask when you are in for a check up I wouldn't make a special trip unless you are really worried - yes I think those helmets are intended to correct the problem. I would try putting him down on his tummy and see how he goes. HTH

vole3 Fri 05-Oct-07 02:47:50

It should sort itself out once he's up and about, but I bought this mattress to avoid it happening. You can find them on ebay if your happy with second user stuff.

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