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I've been bitten to buggery!

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notnowbernard Thu 04-Oct-07 20:06:54

Is it normal for mosquitos to be around this time of year?

I have 5 bites since last night (arm, hand, leg)

Also have a cat... but the bites are massive, one is oozing shock

It can't be fleas, can it? Or some weirdo tropical disease? (health anxiety emoticon)

appledumpling Thu 04-Oct-07 20:26:39

Apparently midges/mozzies have a feeding frenzy at this time of the year just before they get KO'd by the cold weather - I was bitten to pieces last week.

appledumpling Thu 04-Oct-07 20:27:15

Meant to say, Boots do a good sting relief cream. It stops the itching especially at night.

mykidsmum Thu 04-Oct-07 20:28:15

theres a big increase in bedbugs at the moment, could be worth considering?

notnowbernard Thu 04-Oct-07 21:17:41

Bed bugs, shock
I bloody hope not!

These are big, swollen, itchy blighters... I am erring on the mozzie theory. Hydrocortisone cream is helping

TheCurseOfTheMhummy Thu 04-Oct-07 21:18:56

Sorry you have been bitten but relieved your thread title isn't t'other way round.

milliways Thu 04-Oct-07 21:19:11

I went into my (damp) garage yesterday and tghe mozzies have taken up residence in there - it's like a tropical swamp with them swarming!!

notnowbernard Thu 04-Oct-07 21:30:29

Thanks for replies smile

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