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Sharp pain on left hand side, and really sicky feeling

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nutcracker Thu 04-Oct-07 18:47:42

Had mild stomach cramps this morning, quickly followed by a couple of trips to the loo and a sicky feeling.

Later this afternoon my stomach started to feel really sore, in particular the left side of my belly, it's like a stitch pain but worse and even there when sitting very still.

I had some painkillers and it went but now it's back again and no better.

Littlefish Thu 04-Oct-07 18:54:02

IBS or constipation?

Is the pain low down on the left hand side, almost in the same place as ovulation pain (if you get that)?

Have you got wind?

Sorry, lots of personal questions - just trying to help. smile

nutcracker Thu 04-Oct-07 19:11:07

Don't think it is wond no, and defo not constipation as had the opposite problem earlier.

Not sure about IBS as not had it before.

It is a similar sort of pain to ovulation pain except whereas that is normally dull this is quite sharp. Tis a bit higher up to i think.

claricebeansmum Thu 04-Oct-07 19:12:52

Watch this carefully.
If it starts to move to middle or RHS.
If you get diarrohea or vomiting as well please go to A&E.
Appendicitis often starts on the LHS

nutcracker Thu 04-Oct-07 19:14:38

I have had diarrohea but only this morning, non since.

I feel sick, bot not enough to be sick I don't think.

Have just had 2 more pain killers.

claricebeansmum Thu 04-Oct-07 19:17:05

Just be aware that appendicities can start on one side and move around.
If you start with diarrohea and/or vomiting then please get yourself to A&E.
Watch your temperature too.

nutcracker Thu 04-Oct-07 19:17:50

Ok, thank you, will keep any eye out for all of that.

belgo Thu 04-Oct-07 19:22:27

have you had this pain before? Do you think it may be pain related to something you have eaten?

I've had similar pain, and have come to the conclusion that it is IBS, but it does seem to be related to ovulation.

nutcracker Thu 04-Oct-07 19:26:02

It could be IBS as i do seem to suffer with alot of stomach cramps etc recently, always really bad at period time, and previously at ovulation time too, but a bit hard to tell at the mo as i'm on the pill.

nutcracker Thu 04-Oct-07 19:34:07

Oh and the pain does seem familiar so i think i have had it before.

Miaou Thu 04-Oct-07 19:38:39

Hmmm, was about to mention appendix (assuming you haven't had it out already grin) but I see others have got there first! My appendicitis started out as a pain across the top of my stomach, just under my ribs, but it can vary a lot. Watch your temperature. Hope you feel better soon!

Littlefish Fri 05-Oct-07 08:12:40

How are you this morning nutcracker?

nutcracker Fri 05-Oct-07 11:00:09

Feeling lots better today thanks. The sickness has gone, and my stomach feels lots better, still slightly sore, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

claricebeansmum Fri 05-Oct-07 11:01:15

Pleased to hear you are feeling better and not having your appendix out.

belgo Fri 05-Oct-07 11:46:48

If you're on the combined pill then it's not ovulation pain.

I think it could be IBS, maybe it's worth looking at your diet?

ANyway, glad you're feeling better.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 05-Oct-07 13:04:11

Has endometriosis been mooted by your GP as a possibility?. Your symptoms could be possibly seen as being due to that.

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