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Stem Cell collection/storage

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MrsJoJo Thu 04-Oct-07 13:17:34

Hi Ladies

I wonder if anyone could help me. I am currently 36+3 weeks pregnant and DH and I are trying to decide if we should bank the cordblood from LO - we really need to decide by Monday. I've done a search on here already and found a thread debating pros of waiting until the cord stops pulsating (which means you can't collect the blood from it doesn't it?!). I understand the benefits of this but don't know if I could forgive myself if we ever needed stem cells from treatment and we decided against it. Aside from any other ethical issues (as my medical care is all private - see below) I have another question...

DH and I live in Thailand and have the choice of two companies. One is accredited by the American 'AABB' the other the UK's 'UKAS' (it has ISO accreditation). Is one accreditation authority better than the others? Does anyone know the difference as I've been searching and can't seem to find anything that is helping me decide between the two (they charge roughly the same). Both companies ship internationally so this isn't an issue if/when we return to the UK.

Hope someone can help


BritTex Thu 04-Oct-07 14:15:21

We did it when my son was born (in the US). my decision was made purely based upon the fact that its available and if I didn't do it and needed it I would NEVER be able to forgive myself. Sorry cannot help you understand the accreditations but I would imagine they re as good as each other.

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