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Oh no, its a worms question !

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BritTex Wed 03-Oct-07 22:45:28

Sorry that I have to bring up this topic, but DS5 has been having interupted sleep for the past 3 nights, he wakes up wriggling around and crying that his bottom is sore, the next morning and all day long everything is fine then an hour or so after he goes to bed it starts, also he has suddenly started eating like a horse. afer a thorough internet search this morning (including your threads) I concluded that threadworms were the culprit! so I went to the pharmacy and got ovex. i cannot find any info that tells me how long it takes to kill the little buggers. I gave the pill to him at 3pm put him to bed at 8 with vasaline on his bottom and now 10:30 he just woke up screaming again. I looked at his bottom with a torch and did not see anything ?? and now I am starting to question if this is threadworm ?? hmm

cadelaide Wed 03-Oct-07 22:48:40

I think the ovex paralyzes them and then the laxative in it makes the patient poo. So in theory they should be gone after the next poo.

I think.

Doesn't it say all this in the little leaflet in the packet, I must have got it from somewhere?

BritTex Wed 03-Oct-07 22:50:44

No I read the box and the leaflet twice it told me everything else like how they die but not when they die !!

cadelaide Wed 03-Oct-07 23:03:50

Well I think my lot were clean of the hideous little wormy things within a day or two.
I'm suspecting a further infestation atm though, god i do loath them, i think it's been my most icky parenting thing so far (eldest is 8).

Elibean Thu 04-Oct-07 11:01:28

BritTex, I think (from other posts) that it takes 24-48 hours for the Ovex to kill them all. I've also read that they ingest the stuff, know their multiplying days are numbered, and exit en masse to lay eggs before dying - so the last itchy/sore night is probably the worst shock

Hopefully, your ds will have a much better night tonight - good luck!

lalaa Thu 04-Oct-07 19:07:14

ovex stops the worms being able to absorb food. so they are still alive for a bit while they starve to death!

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