Infected eczema or something else?

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Reclinehard Sat 15-Aug-20 14:00:06

I recently had a bad reaction to protopic cream and the blood vessels in my face became dilated and looked really gory.. Had a stint of oral steroids and my face cleared up, but now this has appeared on my neck. Not had an in-person appt with Dr so not sure if he was right to diagnose infected eczema. Just wondering if this looks familiar to anyone. It aches and was burning for a couple of days but has calmed down. Come to think of it, my face was burning with the reaction to the protopic. Appreciate any thoughts

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Cordial11 Sat 15-Aug-20 14:06:46

Oh you poor thing. I clicked as I suffer eczema but never that severe, you must be agony. Sorry can't help but please get to speak to the doctor ASAP sad

[AUTO]4qtggkdsf5uh7 Sat 15-Aug-20 14:12:13

Ah thanks for your sympathy! Hope your eczema stays manageable smile

Reclinehard Sat 15-Aug-20 14:15:18

Android app going a bit mad there ^

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Reclinehard Sat 15-Aug-20 16:33:09


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