Help! Dysfunctional/ abnormal Uterine Bleeding

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MerciVeryMuch Sat 15-Aug-20 11:52:45

Hello and sorry for the long post but I don't want to drip feed. Please bear with me as I am desperate for an answer.

I've been bleeding every single day for almost a month now, with my "periods" getting heavier and heavier culminating in flooding for the past week. Nothing seems to work.

I've always had regular seven days periods but about six/seven months ago, suddenly, out of the blue, I started haemorrhaging and it lasted for about 3 weeks. Since then my periods are very irregular, flooding (much heavier than post-partum bleeding) with at least a month and a half interval, and always flooding.

Since the problem started I was prescribed Tranexamic Acid which I find not very efficient. Has transvaginal ultrasound which found nothing amiss. Had to go to the A&E where I had a vaginal examination by a gynaecologist which again found nothing amiss and I was told I might have a Dysfunctional/ abnormal Uterine Bleeding, but had to have a proper appointment to be assessed more thoroughly. Managed at last to have a phone "consultation" with a gynaecologist who told me I needed a hysteroscopy, although when that will be possible I don't know as I am now on the waiting list and things are very slow with the current situation.

I'm 37 with two DC, 7 and 3, vaginal births. No hormonal birth control. No major change in my life. I am taking multivitamins + iron supplements after a blood test found I had low haemoglobin after my first bout of flooding. I am at my wits end and it's affecting every area of my life.

Why do I need a hysterescopy when a vaginal ultrasound and exam didn't find anything? What may be the cause? What are the alternatives to the Mirena coil? How can I manage the bleeding as nothing seems to work?

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