Any Psoriasis sufferers out there....

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ABitOfADont Sat 15-Aug-20 11:10:57

That can give me some advice / reassurance ?

I started with a very small patch in my ankle a few years ago. Was mis-diagnosed by my GP for months who ended up referring me to Dermatology who gave me steroid creams and a treatment plan and it cleared up.

Around the time of it clearing I started with a very small patch at the side of my other foot but it didn't bother me at all so I just left it. After 2 years it has now grown to cover the whole underside of my foot and is now painful. I ordered a repeat script of the steroids (Enstilar foam, elecon and curataderm) and my GP gave me Unguentum to use as an inbetween moisturiser. It's got better but I don't feel it's ever going to heal.
I've had a telephone consult and sent pics to Dermatology (damn Covid) and they just told me I was using the correct creams and to carry on.

I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to use Steriods? Because of where it is, it's difficult. I can't wear flip flops out and about or in the garden as leaving it uncovered without a sock will make it sore.

It doesn't itch but burns and throbs sometimes and has very hard scales.

Can anyone help with advice and just chat to me if you've been in same situation with Psoriasis.
Or any recommendations of any other medical moisturiser creams I could try?

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