Heat intolerance / Sudden breathlessness

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KoalasandRabbit Fri 14-Aug-20 14:19:04

I'm waiting all day for doctor to call back but just wondered if anyone had ideas.

Probably not relevant but went on holiday to Devon 25/7-2/8 and had edema in both feet all week and legs initially, doctor diagnosed but just said to rest. Since then edema has resolved but both feet are red. It could be sun tan but I was wearing trainers other than an hour in sea so strange such a different colour. But no swelling and no other symptoms following that. I did send in a picture and the doctor thought the redness might be suntan or something innocent so most likely nothing, just a bit wierd as wearing trainers.

Then the heatwave hit. I am heat intolerant, always have been but has worsened a lot over past few years. First part of it I managed OK by drinking water and closing curtains then I started not to be to tolerate it at all and felt very dizzy and thirsty, a bit sick and headaches on and off. I felt delirious for 2 days and nights with it. During that time I had to drink loads, mainly water. Not sure how much but first day maybe one glass an hour every hour for 20 hours (so maybe 250mlx20) though guessing amount, then second day I worsened again was sweating a lot (almost never sweat) feeling dizzy like overheating, incredibly thirsty then stopped swaeting, got headache and cramps everywhere and still incredibly thirsty and feeling delirious - had to drink masses of water, again no idea how much but some hours was needing to drink all the time and maybe a litre an hour, others maybe a glass an hour so maybe 10 litres. I had very little sleep during that time as so thirsty and woke up feeling weak and sweating a bit again but a cooler day. Drank normally (2 litres maybe) and as had cramps all day (Thurs) I tried to eat food with some salt in as looked it up and said the water can drain things from system. So had beans on toast with cheese, more cheese and pasta with cheese that day, this made me feel a bit more human though still weak and lots of muscle ache. The lower temp was helping though.

Last night I became breathless, its not severe but in a sentence would need to stop half way to breathe and couldn't sleep lying down, its almost normal sitting up. Am hoping will resolve by itself, husband says it will but he's not a doctor, so thought best to check. In past heart checks always fine, sometimes test anaemic, sometimes fine, folic acid is low. No other issues from bloods picked up. Skin currently pale and cold to touch. Generally feel OK now apart from aches, tiredness and breathlessness. It seems to be improving a bit. I do have allergies so being breathless happens sometimes and it could be related to that as having thatching work done. No covid symptoms though have had coughs on and off since December but think that's my allergies, probably to hay (have indoor rabbit).

Its been better this morning but now coming back, its only mild breathlessness.

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KoalasandRabbit Fri 14-Aug-20 17:35:42

Spoken to doctor now and they said 111 would send to hospital with this but they said as I'm not frail or elderly (in these cases said could well have heart issues) as long as don't worsen can stay home over weekend. He thinks will self-resolve. He said if worsens go straight to hospital. /if stable go to gps on Monday for blood tests / if resolves can leave.

He also said dangerous to drink a lot of water, trouble is felt losing concisiousness - asked him what could do instead and suggested move to Sweden. At least should be no more heat until next year as we've had our week heatwave. He also agreed would have been very low in sodium from drinking a lot of water and good to have more, that has lessened the pain at least.

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