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If you suffer from constipation...

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sKerryMum Wed 03-Oct-07 10:40:21

Get out immediately and get yourself some Dorset Cereals "Berries and Cherries"

Have never been so regular in my life since I've started eating this daily. And that's from day one!

schilke Wed 03-Oct-07 10:43:02

Ooh that's what I need then - I'm all over the place. It's a tad pricey isn't it? Perhaps I'll stock up when it's on offer.

sKerryMum Wed 03-Oct-07 10:46:22

It is a bit pricey here in Ireland (4.75 euro at Tesco) but I don't eat a whole lot every day as it's very filling.

But so worth it!

AliciaMum Wed 03-Oct-07 13:04:29

I will buy some - sounds good. Is it wheat or oats?? Wheat bloats me & irrites my ibs.

I have tried so far - Aloe vera juice, Peppermint capsules (for ibs), various cereals (most irritate my ibs), lactolose, fibogel and nothing works so far - willing to try anything.

AliciaMum Wed 03-Oct-07 13:04:59

irritates smile

flatmouse Wed 03-Oct-07 13:06:00

I find orange juice does the trick - brazil nuts can too.

Am finding now that regular "proper" exercise helps.

sKerryMum Wed 03-Oct-07 14:20:30

will check Alicia but I think it's oats

Haylstones Wed 03-Oct-07 14:25:45

Sunflower seeds works really well too blush

3littlefrogs Wed 03-Oct-07 14:39:35

Porridge every morning with added sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and any sort of dried fruit - raisins, apricots, berries. Sweeten with a little brown sugar, honey or maple syrup. Drink loads of water. And it helps to lower your cholesterol.

3littlefrogs Wed 03-Oct-07 14:40:42

I have really bad IBS and this suits me very well.

hanaflower Wed 03-Oct-07 14:59:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shrooms Thu 04-Oct-07 00:31:43

Yeh leave out the wheat for a few days even the wholegrain. It spazzes up your colon if you have IBS. Loads of apples and daily figs/prunes/apricots in porridge.

Loads of water, loads of exercise (espesh crunches and running).
Beans, broccoli, plums.

First thing when I wake up, I drink a herbal tea with half a lemon juiced in it. Plus about 500mls-1 litre water. Then after 20 mins or so, an apple. The warm liquid and lemon juice work wanders for the bowels and liver plus you get the fibre from the apple.

sKerryMum Thu 04-Oct-07 08:08:26

Sorry the Berries and Cherries has wheat in it....

will post more later about ibs from which I suffered...

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