Biopsy several, feel sick

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Notgettinganyyounger23 Wed 12-Aug-20 18:11:21

Hi all 2020 really is pants, one thing after another. My period was irregular last cycle and I've been bleeding between periods with pelvic and back pain. I rang the docs this morning and she saw me this evening. I had an abnormal smear two years ago but they couldn't see anything on the colposcopy. Anyway I've been to the docs she literally looked for 5 seconds and told me to get dressed. She can see a lump/growth raised area where I'm bleeding from and has referred for an urgent biopsy. I am panicking, has anyone had this and it been okay?

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Notgettinganyyounger23 Wed 12-Aug-20 19:10:20


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legalseagull Wed 12-Aug-20 19:12:24

I haven't had this OP but I didn't want to read and run. You must be really worried. How long for the referral? Can you go private?

Steeringtherightcourse Wed 12-Aug-20 22:06:31

Yes I had this last year. Similar symptoms - although had bleeding after sex rather than mid-cycle, plus cycle was irregular.

Doctor examined me and said the same as to you - that he could see a growth that was bleeding. I was referred under the two week referral system and had a colpscopy. The nurse confirmed straight away that it was a cyst that was in the process of bursting. Nothing to worry about at all. These cysts are really common apparently although I'd never heard of them.

I was so so worried after seeing my doctor as he'd seemed very concerned by what he'd seen. Nurse said that they get lots of referrals as doctors can't always get a good look, whereas they are set up to do a proper examination and it's better to err on the side of caution.

I'd say that the fact that the colpscopy you had a couple of years ago was fine is really reassuring. My appointment came through really quickly so hopefully yours will too. I'm not going to say don't worry, as I know that's easier said than done but be reassured that an urgent referral doesn't always mean the worst.

Notgettinganyyounger23 Wed 12-Aug-20 22:43:01

Thank you for replying, two weeks at the most. It's been an awful couple of months I'm sure its nothing to worry about but I feel like I'm having a bit big an emotional breakdown x

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Notgettinganyyounger23 Wed 12-Aug-20 23:54:00

Thank you so much that's so reassuring to hear.

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LockdownLemon Thu 13-Aug-20 00:19:09

I was bleeding - nurse did a check and called the doctor in coz my cervix looked dodgy. I was referred immediately to a gynecologist - the GP called me with an emergency appointment time as I was still driving back from the GP's office. Crapped myself for the 5 days until the appointment. The consultant told me within a few minutes that all was fine. I know it's worrying, but there is a good chance it will not be anything serious.

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