Feel sick no energy

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StormsDontLastForever Sun 09-Aug-20 22:44:39

Yesterday I had a sudden feeling of sickness come from nowhere. Today I have slept on and off ALL day and feel so so sick, although not actually being sick. I have no energy whatsoever. Has anyone had this before? Could this be a bug? Even although I'm not physically being sick? Starting to feel really down now as feeling very ill with it sad

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StormsDontLastForever Sun 09-Aug-20 22:49:32

My thread seems to have disappeared off of the main page?

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onlinelinda Sun 09-Aug-20 23:45:24

I think I have read that may be symptoms of Coronavirus.

EatsFartsAndLeaves Mon 10-Aug-20 00:19:31

Have you had a coronavirus test?

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