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More troublesome, heavier periods since having baby - anyone?

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peterpie Tue 02-Oct-07 13:21:47

I´ve always had a difficult time with my periods relatively heavy and painful but since having my LO 9 months ago they are worse than ever. I have been getting some unbearable cramps and pain in the pelvic area. Could this be fibroids? Can anyone advise?
I had my LO by C-Sec

USAUKMum Tue 02-Oct-07 14:19:27

My periods were also v. difficult. I found that after each baby, they got heavier with bad cramps but were shorter. The cramping has finally eased about 1.5 yrs after finishing bf youngest. My pain is usually only about 1-2 days, and liveable with a few doses of ibrupropen.

It wouldn't hurt to see your practice nurse/GP though to make sure.

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