A degree of a difference in temp between ears

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BigBlueHouseBear Wed 05-Aug-20 17:46:42

I have a bit of a sore throat so I thought I would check my temp and it is 36.5 in my right and 37.4 in my left.

I've checked a few times and the left remains warmer.

Way back in March I was slightly obsessive with taking temps hmm and the left was always around .2 or so higher but today there's quite a significant difference.

I know 37.4 isn't really anything to worry about but just wondered if this was normal?

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PlanDeRaccordement Wed 05-Aug-20 17:48:23

Yes, it’s normal. Ear wax, even the angle you hold the thermometer at change the reading a bit. Just go by the higher one.

BigBlueHouseBear Wed 05-Aug-20 18:10:22

Thank you, that makes sense smile

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