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Can teething cause a temperature?

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levan Mon 01-Oct-07 19:48:56

My 16 mth old dd is currently cutting a molar and has a very runny nose and a temperature. Just wondering if the temperature is likely to be related to the teething or if she has a bug as well - poor little thing!

callmeovercautious Mon 01-Oct-07 19:54:15

Yes. There is lots of boring research about teething and the fact that it is bugs from chewing on things that cause the temp. But basically they can get a temp from it.

You are lucky not to have had it before IME. DD is 12m and getting a small bottom tooth and is on calpol just for that!

bamzooki Mon 01-Oct-07 21:04:17

IME yes definitely, tho the docs will probably tell you otherwise.
But DD reliably spiked a high temp and was sick immediately before every tooth broke through. (one doc did say that the sickness was to do with glands around her stomach swelling at that time)

DS didn't do it, so obviosuly not the same for all LO's. But perfectly possible imho.


levan Mon 01-Oct-07 21:45:11

Thanks - I know it doesn't make a lot of difference to the treatment (lots of cuddles,fluids and Calpol!)but I'd rather feel she wasn't having to cope with 2 things at once IYSWIM

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