Cyst on cervix - freaking out

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Dowahdiddydiddy Thu 30-Jul-20 19:50:59

Went to the docs today for an internal exam following some bleeding after sex. They found a small cyst on my cervix that bleed on contact when they took a swab. She also said it's vascular -but does look like a cyst. I've been referred under the 2WW and I'm completely freaking out. All googling says that narbothian (sp?) cysts are common but she didn't mention that she thought it was that, just said they'd need to take a closer look. My smears are all up to date - last one 2 years ago, and never any abnormal results - but I'm really panicking. Anyone had any experience of similar?

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Dowahdiddydiddy Fri 31-Jul-20 15:56:30

Hopeful bump!

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Marypoppins19 Sat 01-Aug-20 21:52:09

Hope you are ok and have an appointment through. The fact it bled on contact is reassuring that that’s where the bleeding is coming from. I have similar worries - being seen Tuesday. It’s horrible worrying isn’t it

Dowahdiddydiddy Sun 02-Aug-20 08:31:19

Hi @Marypoppins19 sorry to hear you are in a similar position. Yes it is worrying and my appointment with the GP was all a bit rushed, was out of the door pretty much as soon as I was dressed after a very quick examination so didn't really get chance to ask any questions.

I swing between thinking that it's good she spotted what was causing the bleeding and worrying that if she can see something it must be pretty advanced as I know that most cervical cancer is caught at an early stage through smears.

No app as yet, hoping to hear tomorrow. Do you mind me asking what your symptoms are?

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Marypoppins19 Sun 02-Aug-20 18:22:08

Hi @Dowahdiddydiddy. Really emphasise and feel much the same. Spotting between periods, but I do that the pill back to back, dull ache like period cramps on and off, heavy discharge which is normally looking but since March more noticeable fresh blood in it - tiny streaks but couldn’t go without a panty liner.
Bladder feels quite irritated too.
Dreading Tuesday

Marypoppins19 Mon 03-Aug-20 08:49:52

What are your symptoms?

Dowahdiddydiddy Mon 03-Aug-20 09:41:05

Bleeding after sex, only once - although been avoiding it since! But thought I should get it checked, which is when she saw the cyst. Hope your app goes well tomorrow. I’m really hoping to hear when mine is today as at least it will give me something to aim for.

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