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AF lasting 3 weeks - tmi warning

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Roskva Mon 01-Oct-07 13:13:59

I've been bleeding for 3 weeks and I'm beginning to get really concerned.

It started with a slightly early but rather light period, then reduced to just enough to need a panty liner for another week, and last Thursday turned into full scale period again.

Spoke to my gp about it 10 days ago as I had to see him for something else anyway, and he just said it happens sometimes and to go back if it had not sorted itself out in a month, but he's a bloke.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 01-Oct-07 13:20:31

Go back to the GPs and ask to see another doctor asap. Longer term think about changing this GP practice.

This needs further investigation; do not be fobbed off. You should also ask for a referral to a gynae as a matter of course.

Roskva Mon 01-Oct-07 18:35:14

I've made an appointment to see the female doctor on the practice later in the week.

Too blush to go to the next nearest gp surgery - I had a go at the senior gp on that practice a couple of years ago after his son deliberately tried to spook my horse by cycling up behind her and doing a skid stop. Not just once, by accident, but 3 times, deliberately.

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