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Hospital hasnt informed if to eat/not eat for blood glucose test. Worried I will mess it up!

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BracingAir Mon 01-Oct-07 01:03:48

So do i or don't i?

Had a blood test a while back because i had no energy. GP said glucose/sugar was low so sending me to hosp for more thorogh test to see if was one-off occurence or an actual prob.

I tried calling the consultant's sec with no luck. I am worried that if i do the wrong thing, i wont get accurate results. And i have been waiting two months for this test.

What would you do?

kinki Mon 01-Oct-07 01:17:15

When I've had blood glucose tests I've been told not to eat/drink (except water) from 9pm, ie 12 hours fasting. This has been for the 'one-off' blood test and also the 2-hour test where they give you something to drink and do 2 blood tests. Even if you have eaten, I'd still go, just make sure you tell them what you've eaten and when. Good luck.

fihi Mon 01-Oct-07 01:26:24

my dad had one of these last week and had to fast from the evening b4. very grumpy he was over it too, he likes a nibble at supper time!

wishin u luck!

BracingAir Mon 01-Oct-07 15:14:30

well, after persistant calling, i got thru to a registrar. He said they dont know what test to do, so not to fast. Will probably be an assesment, and i may come back for more tests.

Very nervous, as abv hoping everyting alright, but also would like to have a reason for how im feelimh sad

BracingAir Mon 01-Oct-07 15:14:59

sorry spelling!

BracingAir Mon 01-Oct-07 20:57:26

bumping for anyone having similar?

Feeling very nervous as i have pinned all my tiredness/lerthargy etc on this .

eleusis Mon 01-Oct-07 21:07:13

If you are having a blood test, it will be fasting. So nothing but water.

BracingAir Mon 01-Oct-07 21:12:47

i would think so too, but registrar on call said not to.

It would give misleading results if I fasted when shouldn't?

eleusis Mon 01-Oct-07 21:25:46

If you are going in for a glucose tolerance test, it is definately fasting. But, the question remains are you having ablood test or is this an initial consultation bfore they send you for blood tests on some other day?

I think I would fast just in case.

BracingAir Mon 01-Oct-07 22:11:19

thanks for looking in!

hmm...i was hoping it is a glucose tolerance test, but i think it is just a consultation. Maybe also a blood test.

Dont want them to be annoyed with me for fasting, and is 13.00

Wish it was a glucose tolerance test.

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