DH has pneumonia

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annabell22 Fri 31-Jul-20 10:38:38

Thanks both. @snowycat I hope you are soon fully recovered. He started antibiotics through IV on Monday and had another does on Tuesday, and has had oral antibiotics since Tuesday. He came to the shop for a little walk yesterday, which was probably too soon. His temp is mostly normal now but he is still short of breath and very tired. We have a staycation booked for Aug 9th but can cancel free of charge if needed. He wants to go but I think it's more that he wants to be well enough to go.

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snowycat Wed 29-Jul-20 22:25:51

I've had pneumonia recently. It's a long slog to recovery to be honest. I also was thought to have covid and eventually bacterial pneumonia was discovered.
I've been told to rest, drink water and take regular ibuprofen. I'm 8 weeks on and much much better. Am slightly breathless at times and still not back to full strength but loads better.
It can be demoralising when the improvement is very slow but he'll get there. I also had a few chats with my GP after I cake out of hospital to check on my progress so any worries to get him to call. Sometimes another course of antibiotics is needed.
Hope he's better soon.

Literallyfedup Mon 27-Jul-20 15:47:37

My mum had it twice. For both times she was extremely exhausted, dizzy and had blackouts. She was asked to be hospitalised the second time round but she refused. Both times she started improving after 8-10 days. Exhaustion comes with strong antibiotic use too.
I wouldn't worry about exhaustion as such but if the fever is not going down then you need to contact the GP and see if a change in antibiotics are needed.

annabell22 Mon 27-Jul-20 14:41:56

We thought it was possibly Covid, although many symptoms were missing, but two negative tests, a chest x ray and bloods have led to a diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia. He has had a fever and constant headache for the last six days.

Does anyone have any positive experiences to share to give us hope? He is usually healthy, mid fifties and very fit, but right now totally exhausted and demoralised.

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