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I have earache and it hurts [sad]

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SlightlyMadSweden Sun 30-Sep-07 21:49:58

hurts to swallow
hurts to yawn (and I am tired but not sleepy IYSWIM)

it just hurts sad...

whoops Sun 30-Sep-07 21:59:28

I feel for you - I had a 3 week earache earlier this year
My Mum used to put warm olive oil in my ear to ease earache when I was little!

DrNortherner Sun 30-Sep-07 22:00:54

My Mum did teh war olive oil thing too!!

Apparantly though, heat can make it worse....

Hope you feel better soon. Earache is awful sad

watling Sun 30-Sep-07 22:01:18

Message withdrawn

SlightlyMadSweden Sun 30-Sep-07 22:05:48

2 weeks ago I had a mild fluey type virusy thing with mega swollen glands

Last week everything else was gone but glands were still a abit swollen and ears became horribly blocked (not painful - just uncomfortable)

Last couple of days I have been taking sudafed capsules o try and unblock the canals - and the blocked pressure sensation does seem to have eased.

Now I seem to be left with 1 swollen gland and proper earache on one side....

SlightlyMadSweden Sun 30-Sep-07 22:06:57

The olive oil is to loosen and remove wax, sometimes wax can press against eardrum causing pain from outside. This is deffo from the inside....

Beauregard Sun 30-Sep-07 22:08:15

Aw get well soon SMSsmile

onlyjoking9329 Sun 30-Sep-07 22:09:02

earache and toothache are horrid, hope you feel better soon

SKerryMum Sun 30-Sep-07 22:10:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SlightlyMadSweden Sun 30-Sep-07 22:15:24

No and no- have just recovered from that fluey thing, but wasn't particularly 'coldy' with it - not particularly snuffly or coughy...I suspect it is the swollen glands/tonsils that have triggered it.

watling Sun 30-Sep-07 22:17:16

Message withdrawn

SKerryMum Sun 30-Sep-07 22:17:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SlightlyMadSweden Sun 30-Sep-07 22:19:04

I know swollen glands can take a while to go down... (I am an immunologist wink), my GP doesn't treat ear infections unless they are persistent anyway...

watling Sun 30-Sep-07 22:24:56

Message withdrawn

SlightlyMadSweden Sun 30-Sep-07 22:27:08

No don't worry - you weren't to know....I know what you were saying though. My glands are going down (and because they were so swollen will take a while - I couldn't swollow paracetamol whole) which is why I am not worried about a current infection. If they weren't residing or flaring I would be more concerned.

watling Sun 30-Sep-07 22:29:36

Message withdrawn

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