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have you had any health problems related to your pregnancies...since giving birth?

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wotamidoin Sat 29-Sep-07 22:32:13

its nearly 2 years since my last child was born,ive had an op on my leg to remove a huge varicose vein (about the size of a golf ball )
and just lately,after lots of tests and a special x-ray, they've informed me that ive got stage 2 ckd (chronic kidney disease).sad
although not ill at the moment, its on my mind that one day the conditon could worsen.apparantly its due to having pre-eclampsia with my first and raised bp with my 2nd child. and all i did was have my babies, brought them into the world.

Tommy Sat 29-Sep-07 22:36:37

I had gastritis after DS2 was born - went on for about 8 months IIRC which was a bit crap.

I also have had continuing back pain after each baby (at my coccyx) which I didn't have before.

They b*er your bodies up don't they?!

Piffle Sat 29-Sep-07 22:38:14

back pain/neck pain/trapped leg nerves
am told that it improves when I finish bf (due to relaxin/elastin hormone)which has been true both times before

expatinscotland Sat 29-Sep-07 22:40:35

Carpal tunnel. My right hand, particularly the thumb, permanently affected.

Sinusitis - worse.

Anxiety - worse with my 2nd round of PND and never gone back 2.3 years on.

Spider veins.

A pile that never fully went away.

I can throw up just by hanging my head over a toilet.

Two large molars - gone.

Pregnancy hypertension - now just hypertension.

Elibean Sun 30-Sep-07 09:31:13

Piles of chronic piles sad

Spider veins in legs

Hiatus hernia (not a problem, tbh, as long as I take one Ranitidine before going to bed)

And I had out of control bp after both deliveries, currently back to normal but sign of likely hypertension issues in years to come.

I'm sorry about the ckd, I've done the rounds with chronic illness (thankfully resolved) in the past, and it takes some coming to terms with. I think I spent about a year grieving, on and off, or feeling depressed - then it started to feel like part of me and ok to live with, and the worrying about the future got more manageable. I hope you've been given lots of positive information, and support - makes a big difference IME smile

Elibean Sun 30-Sep-07 09:31:34

Oh, and many, many new grey hairs and wrinkles wink

totaleclipse Sun 30-Sep-07 09:32:53

underactive thyroid

gum disease (yes, triggered by pregnancy)

Weegle Sun 30-Sep-07 14:19:20

yes, terribly painful condition called Anklyosing Spondylitis - which causes pain and stiffness in my back and pelvis. Although I must have been predisposed to it anyway, it was pregnancy which brought it on.

Varicose veins.

My body is now a complete shambles and I admit to envying women who seem to bear no ill effects of child-rearing.

crokky Sun 30-Sep-07 14:27:52

I expect I will, just the pregnancy itself is enough to nearly kill me! I am on my 2nd pregnancy, vomiting 5 times a day and at the end of my 1st pregnancy, my liver packed up, which it is expected to do again. I dread to think what state I will be in afterwards!

Peachy Sun 30-Sep-07 14:38:09

My sister is on mediation for life after severe pre-eclampsia and another has sustained liver damage as a result of a seemingly- normal pg (she developed p/eclampsia but by the time the blods returned d-nephew had been born anturallY!). Me however- I had full eclampsia with fittinga nd have suffered no long term effects (bar a casein intol that began during pg).

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