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Remind me where chicken pox spots start

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nutcracker Sat 29-Sep-07 15:01:31

Ds has about 4 spots on his chest, tiny but look like they might have a tiny tiny amount of fluid in the middle, and now he has just asked his dad to bring him back from the play area because he feels ill.

He hasn't yet had chicken pox, so am wondering if thats what it is.

belgo Sat 29-Sep-07 15:02:32

could be it, started that way with my dds.

It's typical for them to start on the chest.

BBBee Sat 29-Sep-07 15:02:43

anywhere - but usually trunk I think.

Fluid filled blisters and he hasn't had it before - would be pretty sure that is what it is.

How old is he?

It is going around at the moment too.

nutcracker Sat 29-Sep-07 15:05:02

He is 4.10 and has a slight temp too and said his throat hurts so have given him some meds.

Niecie Sat 29-Sep-07 15:12:37

Sounds like chickenpox. You'll know in a few hours as the spots seem to appear steadily over the first day or two.

Most children feel better once their spots come out properly though.

Is it going round?

BBBee Sat 29-Sep-07 15:19:38

oh well I only said it is going round as my nephew has just had it!

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