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Free infant 1st aid courses in London?

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Tinkywinks Fri 28-Sep-07 21:29:54

Hi, does anyone know of any free infant first aid courses available in London? I'm a single parent on benefits and really can't afford to pay for one but really want to one. The funny thing is, I remember a few months back someone from a 1st aid organisation knocking on my door asking for a donation, and I swear she told me about free first aid courses. I thought it was st john's ambulance or red cross but looked on their sites and their not free. I've heard SureStart offer free training but I'm in Finchley/Barnet where we don't have Sure Start and I think you have to live in the area where there is one.

Roskva Sat 29-Sep-07 10:28:00

Ask your HV, she might know, or at your gp surgery. It was one of the HV's round here who organised a free first aid course for parents, which was funded by the Cot Death Prevention Society. Also ring your local red x/St John's office - they may know things that are not on the website, or there might be subsidised places available if you meet whatever criteria they have. I hope you find something - it really is worth doing.

Tinkywinks Sat 29-Sep-07 21:33:52

Thanks Roskva, great advice, I will definitely get on to it. I think every parent should learn first aid. In fact everyone regardless should, and I've been saying I will for years - having a child finally gave me the motivation.

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