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Periods - now every 3 weeks instead of 4 - reasons? (and how can I make that into a snappy thread title?!)??

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katepol Fri 28-Sep-07 20:33:19

I used to have a 28-29 day cycle. Very regular, periods lasted 2-3 days and light.
Since having dc3, they are now every 22-25 days, 5 days long (with one day of no bleeding at all in the middle). I know compared with most this is no problem, but for me it seems like a big shift in my cycle.

This has been going on for the last two years, and I am fed up of having so many more periods! I am 35 could it be the peri menopause, anythign more sinister, or just one of those (annoying) things?

All advice/experience welcomed...

whomovedmychocolate Sat 29-Sep-07 11:51:22

I'm afraid it may just be your new cycle post partum! They do change quite a bit. Doesn't mean you are about to turn into a withered old crone grin or sprout testicles, but just means that they are a pain in the arse. You might want to ask your GP to do a hormone test though in case you are developing PCOS.

Have you gained a lot of weight since having kids? That can make a difference (fat increases hormone production and that can change your cycle - certainly does with mine).

FYI I've always had the day in the middle with no bleed - no clue what that's about but v irritating isn't it?! angry

MrsBigD Sat 29-Sep-07 12:17:20

katepol, I think it's pretty 'normal', I used to have a cycle that was all over the place so didn't find out I was pg with dd for a while because I thought ah well just a longer cycle again. Then after having dd I first had a few months of every 3 weeks and then was 28 days on the dot until I fell pg with ds 2 years later. Now it's generally every 28 days. Saying that just having gone on holiday to US/Caribbean I suddenly had them after just 2.5 weeks.

Factors for me changing cycle seem to be travel, stress, diet and over eating.

If you're really worried though then I'd say go and see your GP can't hurt

katepol Mon 01-Oct-07 11:33:52

Thanks for the reassurance ladies. Guess I have just lucked out after being very fortunate for so long...

WMMC - no weight gain (although haven't lost all of the dc3 weight 2 yrs on), BMI is 25, so not really, really high.

I just feel miffed my cycles are closer to 3 weeks than 4 weeks now - grr!

That bleed free day in the middle is a pita isn't it, you effectively come on twice during the same period iykwim?! lol!


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