Blood after bowel movement

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Mvshrln Mon 13-Jul-20 15:55:39

Hi all,

I think I need some thoughts/perspectives please sad I am waiting for the doctor to call me too.

I needed the toilet yesterday morning, didn't go as my partner was using the loo! So I went a bit later and thought "ouch, that's gonna leave a mark" as it hurt when I pooped, and sure enough there was blood on the tissue. I've had teeny tiny spots of blood before but it's been obvious they've come from the outer bit of the bum. This was bright red, probably about a teaspoon amount and there was a bit on some of the poop too (I poked around at it in the toilet...) Felt a bit sore for the remainder of the day and tried to have a look using a mirror but couldn't see anything.

I subsequently had 2 panic attacks as I have incredibly severe health anxiety which I am currently on medication (venlafaxine) for as well as receiving counselling via videocall.

There is family history of bowel cancer. Dad's mum (diagnosed aged 80) and his half brother (diagnosed after the age of 65).

Of course no one can diagnose anything except the GP, and I so wish I was able to get an actual face to face appointment so they could check the area for me to see if it is something like a fissure.

I'm very upset and anxious, it's difficult not to let me thoughts run wild. Last night I felt so upset I wrote letters to people I love in my life, in case something happened to me in my sleep.

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Glitterb Mon 13-Jul-20 16:03:38

Please don’t panic OP, it could be a number of things such as a small cut or piles.

If you are at all worried then pop along to the GPs and ask them to have a look.

Mvshrln Mon 13-Jul-20 16:36:01

@Glitterb Thank you. I am hoping it is a small cut/tear as (tmi warning!) there was a particular part of the bowel movement that felt very painful when it passed through (the rest felt fine/normal).

Still waiting for the GP to call me back. Their current system is for you to call and ask for an appointment then the GP calls you but they don't tell you when they will call which is a bit of a nuisance, and it is all telephone appointments whereas I'd much rather be seen by someone.

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TheVanguardSix Mon 13-Jul-20 16:44:42

If it hurt and if you're a bit constipated, it's likely a tear. Your medication can cause constipation. In my heart of hearts, I reckon this is a harmless (but uncomfortable) and passing condition. But of course, any sort of rectal bleeding should be followed up by your GP.
Can you do an e-consult online (go on your surgery's website, look for the e-consult tab- it's usually under 'services')? e-consult is different than online services (where you get a username and password). You should just be able to click on e-consult and your consultation will start from there. It's a great way of getting referrals going, telling your GP about new or continuing symptoms, etc. Your GP will email you and tell you what the next steps are once he/she has read the transcript of your e-consultation.

TheVanguardSix Mon 13-Jul-20 16:45:40

I'd also review your medication OP. I wonder if it's contributing to your anxiety (it can).

oceanbreezy Mon 13-Jul-20 17:05:10

Most likely it is a tear . I get these at times. The doctor just gave me some laxative solution and a cream. I highly don’t it’s anything serious. I even showed the gp pictures of the blood in the toilet blush as it was more than what I’ve had before. He said it was nothing to worry about

oceanbreezy Mon 13-Jul-20 17:05:47



Mvshrln Mon 13-Jul-20 17:28:43


Thank you very much for your comments. I spoke with the GP who said it sounded very much like a tear and that if it happened again (which it may) to let them know as they can then examine for an anal fissure. I assumed all tears were called anal fissures (and this is why consulting Dr Google is bad!) So I feel a bit better about not being able to see it (as if I could see it anyway lol as my mum says "it's very dark in that area!") and that a tear can happen and cause bleeding. She recommended stool softener so I am off to buy that now. Unfortunately I've been too anxious to eat and haven't pooped so can't monitor anything at the moment!
I also asked for clarification on my risk due to family history and she said it may be slightly higher but not significantly so.
I've been on the venlafaxine for 1 month, unsure of the benefits although I feel vastly better from earlier in the year where I couldn't get out of bed (I had convinced myself I had breast cancer and paid for an appointment at a private clinic- I was fine). My anxiety is cruel. When the GP asked if the blood was in the poo and I said it wasn't (because it wasn't), my anxiety now says "yeah but are you sure it wasn't?". It wasn't but anxiety will make me doubt everything.
I don't think I am constipated, this was just a large bit of the movement that caused the pain! (How mortifying to be telling these things to people online!).
Thank you also for the information on the online e-consultant, I imagine this will be helpful for the future!

Its so frightening seeing blood after you go, especially when there's not ever been that much. I imagine it's a lot more common than we think as well, it's just not a commonly spoken about thing.

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Arnoldthecat Mon 13-Jul-20 20:25:43

May i recommend that you up your water intake and also get yourself some good quality extra virgin olive oil. Each morning take a tablespoon of the olive oil. Also consider your posture when you are on the loo..

Mvshrln Mon 13-Jul-20 21:15:42

@Arnoldthecat I've seen the olive oil suggestion a few times! It doesn't sound very pleasant but I guess if it works! Loo posture makes sense, I spend so much of my time hunched over my phone. Taken stool softeners and terrified of what may happen at the next trip to the loo...

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SpeedofaSloth Mon 13-Jul-20 21:17:39

Maybe an anal fissure. They hurt like crazy and there's a bit of blood. Lots of fluids and some time to heal would probably help, if it's that.

Arnoldthecat Mon 13-Jul-20 21:22:37

Taking a tablespoonful of olive oil every morning is actually fine. You just need to buy good quality extra virgin olive oil ,not the cheap crap.

I buy this stuff,usually in waitrose, other outlets and brands are available.

Just spoon it in and swallow quickly if your worried about the taste. Believe me its far more palatable and healthier than the likes of cod liver oil !

There can sometimes be a peppery after taste but if your worried, have a glass of water handy.

Posture.. sit on loo and draw your legs up so that your heels rest on the front of the seat. Tend to keep your knees together and relax,,there's no rush..! Squat toilets are actually better as its a more natural position . It allows your internal plumbing to take up a more natural and .....err....straight position.

loutypips Mon 13-Jul-20 21:56:35

Drink plenty of water! If it's a tear, then it may hurt when you go again, don't worry it can take a few days to heal.

Mvshrln Thu 16-Jul-20 11:58:40

@SpeedofaSloth thank you! It certainly hurt a LOT! I sat there and thought "erm, ouch!!" and expected a bit of blood, just not that much (there wasn't a lot, just seems like it at the time).

@Arnoldthecat you know, I've been taking the sitting on the loo seating position into account now! Next step is the olive oil lol!

@loutypips lots of water for me! The tablets seem to be doing their job (no blood again as of yet..), so I am anxiously hoping it will continue this way...

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loutypips Thu 16-Jul-20 12:10:30

Oh I hope so! I get tears all the time, some worse than others. I find that position helps too, squatting rather than sitting can help if things are not coming out easily. Also, don’t strain! If it won’t come out at first, try later!

Mvshrln Fri 17-Jul-20 15:41:26

@loutypips excellent advice, thank you smile all seems alright for now..

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