Swollen vein in leg

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Groundhog1 Wed 08-Jul-20 14:03:06

I just knocked my shin against a ladder. It was only a light knock and barely hurt so I carried on with what I was doing but when I looked down it’s really swollen. Is this anything to worry about? I have health anxiety and I feel sick that I’ve caused a dvt. Do you think it’s just superficial? Sorry for the horrible photo.

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nolovelost Wed 08-Jul-20 18:04:29

@Groundhog1 that doesn't seem like a normal reaction to a slight knock. Did you get it looked at?

Elieza Wed 08-Jul-20 18:20:34

That looks a sore one. I’d be wanting that checked out too dvt is not to be trifled with. I don’t know enough about it to advise either way so I’d suggest phoning the nhs and asking them to look at your photo if possible.

Groundhog1 Wed 08-Jul-20 23:30:50

I didn’t get it looked at, the swelling went down after a couple of hours and I just have bruising now. I feel less worried now it’s not swollen so I’ll just keep an eye on it.

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