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MMR dilemma - DS has been grizzly/snotty today and is due to have jab tomorrow

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SpawnChorus Thu 27-Sep-07 17:59:30

He hasn't had a temperature, but we have been in contact with people with a nasty lurgy recently. Am a bit worried about having the jab done if he's in the process of coming down with a nasty bug.

Need to get it done asap though cos we're off on holiday in a month or so and I don't want him to have a delayed reaction to the jab while we're away.

I'm thinking that you can never really tell when they are brewing a bug, so now is as good a time as any as long as he doesn't have a fever tomorrow.

What would you do?

Theclosetpagan Thu 27-Sep-07 18:09:15

Ask the nurse when you get to the clinic tomorrow. They'll check your DS's temperature just to make sure it's not up.

If you are unsure can it be delayed until after your holiday?

SpawnChorus Thu 27-Sep-07 19:05:28

Thanks ClosetPagan

I suppose it could be delayed til after the hol, but I'm feeling a bit worried about this measles 'epidemic' (heard something on t' radio the other day).

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 27-Sep-07 19:07:58

Message withdrawn

SpawnChorus Thu 27-Sep-07 19:51:08

Ah - I know that one. It's safe to give to your LO when you are pg (I did it).

PSCMUM Thu 27-Sep-07 20:06:17

the nurse won't let him have it if he has a cold. Do it next week when he is better, there is no hurry and its better to be safe .Unless of course you live in stamford hill, London N16 where so many of the local dim witted population have not taken their children for the MMR that there is now an official outbreak of measles with lots of children in hospital. Morons! (their parents, not the kids!)

Flamesparrow Thu 27-Sep-07 20:08:02

On the fence w/r MMR then PSCMUM? grinwink

I wouldn't give it with a cold, but then I am very very concerned with all jabs.

PSCMUM Thu 27-Sep-07 20:08:46

o absolutely! I just don;t want to upset people DICK HEADS!!!! grin

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 27-Sep-07 20:17:50

Message withdrawn

SpawnChorus Thu 27-Sep-07 20:24:24

They don't have any more available appts for two weeks angry and I really do want to get it done a few weeks before we go on hol. <<wringing hands>> I spose I'll just have to see how he is tomorrow.

dinny Thu 27-Sep-07 20:27:04

my ds had his single measles jab today and he is at the end of a cold (had not temp) and she took his temp and decided he was Ok to have it.

and yes, MMR are all live vaccines

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