Something came out of my vagina

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AMorrison Mon 06-Jul-20 22:21:38

Sorry this is gross & a bit graphic.

Yesterday Morning I got up and was making my kids breakfast. As I was stood I suddenly realised my stomach was in agony. I had to hold on the the worktop for support. I started sweating a bit.

I went to the loo twice. That didn't help.

It almost felt a bit like contractions sometimes.

I thought it as a mixture of period pain (I just started levest 4 weeks ago, and I was bleeding really lightly) and trapped wind. I was curled in the foetal position for about an hour. Once it started to ease I took some paracetamol and some tablets for wind.

I felt myself pass something which I thought was a normal period blood clot.

When I went to change I found a white bit of tissue/skin (?) that was a bit like raw meat. Around 4 inches long and an itch wide and it was bit blood tinged.

I've been too freaked out to call a doctor.

I took a pregnancy test that came back negative.

I'll call a doctor tomorrow but in the meantime, any ideas?

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Gnarlytoe Mon 06-Jul-20 22:23:07

Google ‘decidual cast’

It’s probably one of these and completely normal although unusual

Echobelly Mon 06-Jul-20 22:25:07

I think I've had a smallish bit of that years ago!

Angel2702 Mon 06-Jul-20 22:26:27

Yes just uterine lining that has come away without breaking down.

gotothecooler Mon 06-Jul-20 22:27:01

Definitely sounds like a decidual cast

BruceAndMarley Mon 06-Jul-20 22:28:43

Hi OP, my friend had this and it was something called a decidual cast (I may have misspelled that sorry), it might be that?

Lifeisconfusing Mon 06-Jul-20 22:47:39

There was a post a couple of weeks ago about the same thing. It happened to me age 15 google the above and you will see

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