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Please talk to me about contraception

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mrsmalumbas Thu 27-Sep-07 13:48:32

Hi, currently not happy with my contraceptive arrangements and thinking of either mini pill or mirena - would love to hear thoughts/experiences of those methods especially with regard to weight gain. I was on the pill for a few years in my teens/twenties and found I gained weight and grew mahoosive boobs but otherwise no side effects. Mahoosive boobs never went away once I stopped taking it, sadly! I do now experience very bad PMT including sore boobs from hell, moodiness, bloating etc. Seems to be getting worse as I get older and I think I may be getting a bit perimenopausal, periods heavier and more irregular etc. Was thinking the pill might help "smooth" all that out as well as remove the risk of pregnancy - currently haphazard condom users and I seem to spend every month thinking "am I?" which is a bit tiresome. Have just heard such horror stories re Mirena although my GP is very keen on it (she has one!) Any thoughts? Coil or pill? Thanks!

alice8cake Thu 27-Sep-07 14:40:48

Theres also an implant you can get which releases the pill hormone to eliminate the oops i forgot factor.

Plus there are a few different pills, im on the progesterone only pill and it hasnt made me gain any weight or extra boobage.


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