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Silent acid reflux - how long does it last????

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MrsPuddleduck Thu 27-Sep-07 13:28:39

DS2 has this (he is now 18 months old).

At the begining of the month I decided to stop the medicine to see if he was better and he seemed OK for a couple of weeks.

He has had a relapse of it over the weekend and I feel really awful. GP told me to phone the consultant and get an appointment ASAP (on Monday) as prior to me stopping the medicine no-one knew whether or not he had grown out of it or not.

The Omeperazole he takes was obviously working well.

I wonder if anyone has had any tests for this and how long in their experience it has lasted.

Plus any advice of what to ask on Monday?

MrsPuddleduck Thu 27-Sep-07 15:04:10


RubySlippers Thu 27-Sep-07 15:11:28

my DS had silent reflux but he grew out of it by 7/8 months
i am sorry that 18 months on you are still battling with it
it sounds like he needs to go back on the meds - is omeperazole the same as domperidone or ranitadine?
has he ever been tested - i know they can do a test to measure the acid

MrsPuddleduck Thu 27-Sep-07 15:20:06

He hasn't had any tests yet. Hopefully they will sort some out once we see the consultant on Monday.

I think everyone presumed it had gone and that we would be able to wean him off the omeparazole soon. Obviously not.

LiegeAndLief Fri 28-Sep-07 12:00:43

My ds grew out of this at about 4 months (he was on domperidone, ranitidine and gaviscon) but wanted to add my sympathies that you are still battling with it at 18 months. There is defnitely a test you can do where they use a probe to measure acidity in the stomach over 24 hours - you have to stop taking ranitidine beforehand though (not sure about omeperazole, don't know how it works) because it works by lowering acidity. I think it is also possible to do a test where the patient swallows a (radioactive? fluorescent? can't remember!) liquid which can then be tracked to see if it comes back up the oesophagus. Ds had this test but to look for an h-fistula rather than reflux.

Maybe you could ask the consultant about diet to see if you could lessen the effects of reflux by altering what/when your ds eats? Not really sure how this works with solid food, I only had to worry about milk! Good luck, hope all goes well.

peggotty Fri 28-Sep-07 12:06:36

Omeperazole is losec, right? My dd had reflux but it certainly wasn't silent, it involved fountains of vomit. She was on ranitidine and erythromycin and grew out of it at 12months. If I was you I would put him back on the losec as I have heard it is brilliant stuff and was contemplating trying to get it for my dd when she was at her worse. If I remember rightly, it stops the stomach producing any acid at all whereas ranitidine just partially inhibits acid production. Reflux is horrendous. I'm pg again the moment and apparently if one child has had reflux there's a good chance another one will. Bugger.

elesbells Fri 28-Sep-07 12:17:51

my dd (18 months) has silent reflux. she was on domperidone until about a month ago. she is only on the renatadine now as she is diet controlled.
i find that tomatoes set her off the worst. have you been to a dietician to discuss foods for toddlers with reflux? they are excellent. you would be surprised what foods are bad for them.

elibumbum Fri 28-Sep-07 12:47:12

DS had silent reflux and was on omeperazole. We had to wean him off it by cutting his dose down to half first for a few weeks (and making sure there was no acid problems)then down to zero. This was in between follow up appointments with his consultant - and we also had to email his consultant with an update after cutting down to half. I was worried that it might flare up again (he had recovered from a food aversion whilst on the omeperazole) but he was fine.

elibumbum Fri 28-Sep-07 12:48:11

Can't remember how old DS was exactly - I think he came off the meds before his first birthday.

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