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Rash on chest and back?

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Lucyand2 Thu 27-Sep-07 09:31:00

I think I'm posting lots in this section at the moment!
My DD had a temp a couple of days ago, I gave her calpol until it calmed down yesterday. Today she is quite cross and not her usual self, her nose is running a bit and she's developed a rash on her chest and back. She doesn't have a temp but it looks like a heat rash to me as it is a prickly, pale, red rash.
I've tried phoning my HV but they're not in until next week so I've phoned my GP and asked for a phone back.
I've got a sore throat and DP seems to be getting a cold aswell, I'm guessing we're all suffering from the same thing but DD is reacting differently.
We're all very tired and any advice would be much appreciated!

coppertop Thu 27-Sep-07 09:41:59

It sounds a lot like what dd had last week. She started off with a temp. It went away but she was still cranky. Then she developed a rash - sort of a pimply heat rash. The GP said it was a viral rash and just to keep her comfortable with paracetomol. The rash cleared up a couple of days later.

Lucyand2 Thu 27-Sep-07 12:12:58

My GP just phoned and said the same thing! (Well, he said what sounded like wiral rash but I was half asleep at the time)
Thankyou for putting my mind at rest, my Dad really panicked when I rang up for advice so it's nice to have somewhere to go for calm, sensible, advice!

coppertop Thu 27-Sep-07 21:18:38

I'm glad you got some reassurance. I hope dd feels better soon. xx

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