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Blood-stained snot in 3 month old - sorry if TMI

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vole3 Thu 27-Sep-07 03:41:44

DS started coming down with a snuffle a couple of days ago and has been liberally basted with snufflebabe / karvol / olbas since.
Overnight he tends to be at his worst and whilst feeding him just now he had a big sneeze and dislodged a greenie. On wiping away said nose-candle, which turned out to be about a mile long, the end of it was blood stained.

Do I just assume that he is like my brother who got nose-bleeds at the drop of a hat, especially when he had a cold, or should I mention it to HV?

kiskidee Thu 27-Sep-07 07:06:27

i think it is normal. the lining of his nose is irritated during a cold.

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