Advice pls feeling my neck tight?

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AbenaMiki Fri 03-Jul-20 16:45:53

Hello beautiful souls, I might need an advice if anyone is a Gp or nurse or just know about these things. As we all saw we had a few days in the UK where is been very hot. And the boom win te e again rain and cold, well initially I thought I got a cold but after three days got worse with blocked ears , constant headache, runny ,freezing cold, sweats but worse of all a bad sore throat felt like having blades and white stuff on tonsils which were swollen too. No fever or cough. Got paracetamol 3 times a day for 2 days and I managed great the pain then my lymph nodes at the side on my neck under hear started to get swollen but can’t feel any lumps they just hurt, and then my whole sides of the neck (not back neck only sides and front like thyroid part) started to get very still like when you sleep bad and the muscle feels sore and weird!!! Now I have started yesterday antibiotics and already feels better and I can eat , taking penicillin 2 pill 4 times a day for 10 days. I have got anxiety and panic attacks as well to be honest in my life at the moment I’m not at my greatest so yeah I fell my neck very tight and makes me very nervous can I ask what should I do it is normal, do I have to check with my Gp? Please advice and I’m sorry I’ve been so long 😢

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