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What really works for PMT?

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Cha Wed 13-Oct-04 14:43:27

I have started the dreaded periods again (after having a glorious 3 and a half years off with pregnancies and bfeeding etc) and have found that PMT is a real problem. I did suffer from it when I was younger and the only thing that really worked was taking B6 tablets every day for months. This, however, was over 10 years ago and I was wondering if there was anything better on the market now. I don't have PMS, I am just evil mummy from hell for a few days each month, and feel for my two children who are the ones that suffer.

motherinferior Wed 13-Oct-04 14:55:47

Wotcher my love, no idea but please tell me if you find out.

MummyToSteven Wed 13-Oct-04 15:01:17

a bit drastic but would you be willing to try the pill. depo provera and the mirena *are* also meant to help reduce PMT as they get rid of your natural cycle - but since the progestogen can make you feel more depressed i personally wouldn't want to take depo provera/mirena just in the hopes of getting rid of PMT.

Otherwise Maryon Stewart has written some interesting books on nutrition and PMT. and some people swear by evening primrose oil.

Personally i find taking the pill does the trick.

Cha Wed 13-Oct-04 15:01:24

Will do. Haven't been on MN for months - all hell seems to have kicked off...

MummyToSteven Wed 13-Oct-04 15:02:58

yes cha, but just seems to be a phase (maybe the whole of MN should be reading this thread for PMT cures!).

it's not usually like this, even recently, honest!

Cha Wed 13-Oct-04 15:05:58

MummytoSteven I would take the pill but unfortunately it kills my libido and makes me feel sick (ie pregnancy all over again, sigh) so not an option... And dp would quietly keel over, he's only just got me back. Evening primrose - have been told about it. It is v expensive (from what I remember all those years ago) can you get it on prescription??!!

Christie Wed 13-Oct-04 22:38:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fionagib Thu 14-Oct-04 10:50:35

I get terribly pmt - took agnus castus tincture for a few months last year and it seemed to wipe it out completely which was wonderful for my dh and kids! Then one month it seemed to all pour out - the rage and fury, not the tincture - and it sort of scared me, as if all the months' worth of PMT had been stored up and exploded!

That was prob just a blip tho or other reasons for bad mood - it did work for me, should prob get on it again...

have been taking eve primrose oil capsules which seem to be doing nowt.

Mo2 Thu 14-Oct-04 11:26:01

HOw weird - as usual I was just about to post exactly this question and then here it is, when I log on....

My PMT/PMS is DEFINITELY getting worse since having 2 kids. A couple of days a month I'll feel as if I simply cannot cope any longer - think about resigning from work, leaving dh, and putting kids up for adoption, and then 2 days later everything is bearable again.

There must be SOMETHING that works?

Q's for those of you who take B6 or evening primrose oil - do you take it all month, or just the week before your period or what?

Also, when do you think your PMT 'hits' - mine sometimes seems more mid-cycle (which I suppose is more like ovulation time really).

Kayleigh Thu 14-Oct-04 11:41:50

I buy evening primrose in tesco vitamin section. The cheapest there is. About £10 for a threee month supply of the super strength 1000mg tablet. i take one a day every day.

Still have PMT, but hate to think how much worse it would be if I didn't take it .
Thinking about it, I have been taking it for so long my system may have got used to it. Can that happen ?? So it may not be effective anymore ???

Cha Mon 18-Oct-04 15:35:29

fionagib - where did you get your agnes cactus stuff from? I like the sound of it wiping all the PMT symptoms out.
When I took B6, I used to do it only when I started to feel vile but it didn't really work. The times that I took it all month long were when I noticed a difference.

Anyone else out there with any more PMT tips???

unicorn Mon 18-Oct-04 15:38:30

lol cha.. Agnes cactus!!
btw you can buy it in tablet form in boots herbal section

snmum Mon 18-Oct-04 15:39:58

a hysterectomy

pinkmama Mon 18-Oct-04 16:55:46

Mine came back with avengence too! Tried many things, didn't find agus castus worked for me, but know others who say it helps. Just started taking Magnesium OK - has magnesium (obviously) plus zinc and b6 in it, supposed to regulate the hormones. Apparently takes about 3 months to take full effect. Have had several recommendations. I have my fingers crossed for all my households sake.

haleheart Mon 25-Oct-10 22:14:11

There is a book called "PMT-Reversing The Curse" available from
It costs £9.99 but if you cannot afford to pay for it it is free if you have bad PMS.
The plan in the book really works to reverse PMT and it was written by someone who sufferred from chronic PMS for years before finding out what caused it and how to reverse it. Worth a try?

thinisin Wed 27-Oct-10 14:18:26

I had the most horrific pre-menstrual problems for 20 odd years when I heard about I had a couple of sessions with the lady there and could not believe that afer so many years of every symptom under the sun, I felt "normal" for the first time. She did some stuff with my subconscious mind apparently, although it just felt like we were having a chat, and then we did a bit of singing and tapping (it was quite funny as it happens), and it all seemed totally irrelevant to my periods and pre-menstrual symptoms, but I felt like a different person when I left there - like I was lighter. When my period arrived 3 weeks later, I couldn't quiet believe it coz I had had not had one single symptom. In fact, I thought I must be pregnant because I didn't have any of the anger, irritation, mood swings, pain, confusion etc. I highly recommend paying her a visit. Carina is her name. 01273 328 952.

vickyemm Tue 10-Feb-15 21:18:40

Has anyone tried the pill namely degongesteral for pmt been on it for five week took it for two week period came as normal no pmt symptoms great came off for three days and period came back and now I feel irritated depressed come off my period now I'm fine again don't know if it's worth taking or I should give it a few month anybody else out there had experience with this pill advice please

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