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Can you give me any advice about a PAVLIK HARNESS, please?

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WillyWonka Wed 26-Sep-07 14:38:43

9wo dd has just been fitted with one to hopefully rectify an immature hip joint (inherited from me, unfortunately).

Just seeking advice about how we can make sure that dd is as comfortable as possible and also about practicalities such as keeping her clean when I've been told that I can only bath her the day before my next appointment so that the consultant can check the harness has been put back on properly. Anything really from those with some hands on experience - thanks smile

Blu Wed 26-Sep-07 14:52:32

hello WW - I have no direct experience but my nephew was n one of these - i think the fact that he had spent so much time in utero in the brech position had meant that his hisp sockets ahd not formed enough because babies in that position cannot move thier legs much. Was your baby breech?

My B and SIL simply sponged DN v gently with a damp baby sponge, I think, and he wore loose and stretchy tracky-botton style trousers rather than all-in-ones, i think.

The treatment was 100% succesful - he is 13 now and in his local County Cricket Team.

Because he took up a bit more space in his harness they had a cot with a removable side and jammed it right up against the bed, and he slept in the cot but with complete acccess to SIL for nightgt feeds and co sleeping.

He never seemed to be distressed about being in the harness- the only effect was that when the harness came off he kept waking himself up by kicking his legs because he wasn't used to being able to do it!

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