Insane headaches... help??

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Deedee2019 Mon 29-Jun-20 10:25:30

I'm having constant headaches for 2 months now Dr has prescribed migraine medication, but i don't feel they're working. They are awful at times, and so is the nausea. Some days I can't even look after my children.
I've tried everything to help, hay fever remedies, drinking enough, sleeping, dont feel overly stressed, sinus draining....
Hubby gave me neck and head massage in case its tension, but now I've such tender points on my forehead, I can't touch them.
Feel silly calling the dr again.
Any advice please?

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Literallyfedup Mon 29-Jun-20 14:12:18

Nausea happens when headache is extreme. What are your symptoms exactly as you might have sinus headache instead of migraine in which case migraine medicine will do nothing. If you have a current sinus infection then sinus drainage or hay fever medicine will not help and you will need antibiotics. The thing with online GP is that the doctors are relying more on us and we might not know the full picture. Try these steps for some relief.
Take a pain killer - paracetamol or ibuprofen (both are useless for migraine or sinus but will provide some relief).
Follow it with a cup of tea or any hot drink of your choice.
Next take a hot water bottle. Place it on your forehead for 5 minutes, then on your nose for couple minutes, then on your eyes, followed by cheeks for few minutes, then place it under your head for 5 minutes while laying on your back. Keep repeating the cycle for 30 minutes.
Your headache will go down to negligible levels , but your head will still feel heavy. Your pain will become centered at one area even if it hurts less. That is where your headache is radiating from. If it is your sinuses then you have a sinus headache.
After this take some fresh air and headache will be gone until it is triggered again with whatever cause is responsible for it.

Deedee2019 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:24:12

Thanks lm definitely going to try this. X

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