Hard lump on shin

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Shelby1990x Sun 28-Jun-20 20:06:33


Hoping someone can help. I have a hard bump on my shin for almost 1 year. No pain and I did bang it on a coffer table over a year ago. Would a lump still be there that long? I'm worrying it's something more sinister. Have doctors app booked.

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DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 30-Jun-20 22:26:46

Hi @Shelby1990x - we're just giving this thread a (different kind of) bump for you to get it back into Active Conversations. Hopefully some Mumsnetters will be along soon with some advice. flowers

whereorwhere Tue 30-Jun-20 22:28:14

I have a couple of these they were checked by the doctor they - she described them as bits of gristle! Yuck but harmless

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