Numb fingers

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Twospaniels Sun 28-Jun-20 19:14:35

Woke up at about 3 this morning with some numb fingers. I just thought I had slept awkwardly And it would wear off, but it hasn’t. It’s my thumb, forefinger and middle finger.
I’ve looked that up and it suggests carpal tunnel, but I would have thought that would have built up slowly not come on overnight.

Also, I was helping move some furniture yesterday and my arm muscles are a bit sore on that side, so I’m wondering if that’s the cause.

It doesn’t hurt but it is uncomfortable .

I’ve ordered a wrist splint off Amazon.
Any suggestions or thoughts or remedies?

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WrongKindOfFace Sun 28-Jun-20 19:22:40

It’s probably a trapped nerve but it would be worth getting some medical advice.

Twospaniels Sun 28-Jun-20 20:29:16

Yes I plan to message GP tomorrow, but not sure if they can do anything, but worth the ask and it being noted.

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