Preschool booster reaction

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pinklemonade84 Sat 27-Jun-20 21:40:25

My little girl had her preschool boosters on Thursday afternoon and her arm has flared up like this. It's very warm to the touch and it's as if there's like a ring of bruising around it if that makes sense?

I've drawn around it with pen tonight and will check again in the morning. Obviously with everything going on with covid-19 I'm reluctant to have to take her to out of hours tomorrow, but if needs must.

I was just wondering what people think and if she needs to be seen sooner rather than later?

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BF888 Sun 28-Jun-20 00:19:21

I would see how it is in the am and get her checked out if it’s not subsided. Had she been showing any other symptoms? My friend who is a nurse her daughter has had quite severe reactions with each of her vaccines, the last one affected her arm which ended up infected, I wouldn’t leave it if it’s still flared up. Hope she’s feeling ok soon!

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