Predisolone ( Steriods) and stomach protector tabs

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CambsAlways Sat 27-Jun-20 17:31:49

Hi I’m on steriods n have been for 11 years anyone else on pred, if so which stomach protector have you been given, I’m having lots of stomach pain under left rib right across to right rib , pressure pain anyone else similar

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Bbq1 Sat 27-Jun-20 17:35:09

Omeprazole is good. I use it for stomach condition. Not on pred now but have been in the past. Also mebeverine.

MuddledUpAgain Sat 27-Jun-20 17:36:24

I was given omeprazole when I was prescribed prednisolone.

time4anothername Sat 27-Jun-20 17:42:11

11 years on Pred, that is really hard, do you get properly monitored by the prescribing team for all the side effects that brings?. Omeprazole is usual, although that can bring its own problems long term. There are also gastro resistant Pred tablets that disolve lower in the gut but they are not suitable for all conditions.

anormalperson Sat 27-Jun-20 17:45:43

I was given omeprazole too, I buy nexium though and seems to do the job

CambsAlways Sat 27-Jun-20 17:57:10

Yes I do timeforanothername well I say I do I certainly did blood checked regularly, and saw my consultant twice year but since covid my drs said I had to wait for few weeks for my bloods longer, I’ve had one now last month, have had my consultant cancel my appointment and goodness knows when I will see him again, yes I’m on omperazole,

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CambsAlways Sat 27-Jun-20 17:59:31

I also take azathrioprine which also has its bad side effects too

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Pineapplemonkey Sat 27-Jun-20 18:22:09

@CambsAlways what side effects do you get from Azathioprine? I’ve been on it for a few years now and luckily haven’t noticed any. Was on pred previously with Omeprazole and those tablets I can’t remember the name of (something acid possibly) that you take once a week for bones I think as long term pred use can affect your bones apparently?

CambsAlways Sat 27-Jun-20 18:32:23

Hair thinning, and nausea, little warts

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CambsAlways Sat 27-Jun-20 18:33:52

Sorry should have put pineapplemonkey in the above thread, I used to have lovely thick hair but it’s very thin at the top and frazzled

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Pineapplemonkey Sat 27-Jun-20 18:45:08

On reflection Then maybe I do have some side effects, I’ve just forgotten about them/ got used to them. I have thin hair and the texture has changed - really frizzy, Frizz Ease is my friend nowadays! I’m sure it’s made weight loss more difficult as well but my gp/consultants say that isn’t a side effect hmm

CambsAlways Sat 27-Jun-20 19:06:11

Yes I had forgotten that one, weight gain

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